FAQs & Company Policy’s


1. Where should I start with planning my move?

The best advice we have is to start as early as possible. Create a to-do list (rough at first is fine) and slowly chip away at it instead of leaving it all to the last minute.

2. How long will it take to move my stuff?

It takes a good half-day or full day to move any household. Once we’ve visited your property and assessed the property’s access, number of contents, type of contents, settlement issues and other factors, we’ll give you a close estimate.

3. How much does it cost to move?

We offer an affordable hourly fee for two or three qualified staff and are delighted to provide honest flat rate quotations via phone, online quote or our live chat service.

We also understand that when hiring removal services, you must stay within your budget. As a result, our professional staff is always ready to provide you with honest advice to help reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Call us right away for a competitive quote with no hidden fees.

4. Can we help with the move?

If you wish to assist your movers, you should first consult with them. Call us for advice on how you would best aid the move and stay safe. The best thing you can do is compile your packed items and make them easy to access before they arrive—examples: boxes stacked into easily carried or trolled piles. Items are gathered up and secured to make them easy to carry and stack.

5. Can I ride in your truck on the way to my new property?

With two or more moving consultants booked for most jobs, there’s rarely room in the driver’s cab for another passenger. We’re also not insured for you in the unlikely event that something happens on the road. Plus, moving is a sweaty job, so you’ll have a fresher journey by getting a ride with a friend!

6. I received a quote from you some time ago, but the price went up when I booked. Why is that?

Our discounted rates depend on availability, so it goes to someone else if you don’t lock the discount in by the specified date.

7. Can Happy Bro’s Removalist dismantle my furniture for me?

Our furniture removalists will dismantle essential items such as bed frames and other large furniture. However, our removalists will not dismantle some IKEA items and recommend you organise a handyperson to complete this before your house move day. It is recommended that you disassemble the furniture before our furniture removalists arrive to be cost-effective.

8. Do your furniture removalists disconnect technology and white?

No, our furniture removalists do not disconnect fridges, televisions, washing machines, dryers or else. Each item should be appropriately prepared before your moving day

9. How do you handle fragile or precious delicate items?

We will take extra special care of your precious and essential items, whether monetary or sentimental. These items will be packed and padded with industrial strength bubble wrap when we pack them for you. All employees are taught how to pack glassware, paintings, photos, mirrors, statues, antique furniture, lamps, vases, and other delicate, odd-shaped goods. Depending on its size, the item will be covered in felt blankets before being securely secured and supported in the moving truck – alternatively, it will be placed in a well-padded, adequately labelled, robust box.

10. How can I save money on my house move?

Our highly trained removalists are some of the bests in the business, and whilst we guarantee our furniture removalists will move you as quickly. As safely as possible, there are some things you can do to help you save even more money during your house move.

    • Clear the hallways – furniture removalists always start with your more oversized items; make sure your hallways and doorways are clear so that the removalists can get access to your beds and couches.
    • Make sure everything is packed – make sure everything is boxed up and stacked neatly. Don’t overfill the boxes as they require more removalists to move, or they can fall apart, putting your items at risk of damage. Please ensure you label your cartons so we know which room to place them in your new home.
    • Disassemble your furniture and unplug white goods & technology – If your bed comes apart, ensure that you disassemble it before our furniture removalists arrive. It also goes for flat packed items, such as IKEA furniture, as both will save you a lot of time and money. White goods and technology also need to be unplugged and prepared the day before.
    • Check out weekday rates – in some cases; it may be cheaper to move on a weekday rather than a weekend, so consider taking the day off to move.

11. Is Happy Bro’s moving service Covid Safe?

Our top priority is the safety and well-being of both our customers and our employees. Please be assured that we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily and are adhering to all local and interstate government regulations that may affect your move. We also receive daily updates from the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA) to ensure that we act on information that is up to date and meets all our specifications.

12. How do I book?

Happy Bros has a convenient online booking system where you can confirm your move date and pay a deposit. A consultant will contact you to clarify any questions you may have and all other details, or you can simply call us on 0402588224 and book directly with one of our Moving Consultants.

13. Where do I find your payment details?

The first payment will be made via credit card—a deposit on booking and the remainder of the charges upon completing the job.

14. Can I cancel?

You can cancel your booking at any time up to 72 hours before your move date with no penalty. Cancellations after this incur the loss of deposit.

15. Do Happy Bro’s Removalist work after-hours, weekends and public holidays?

Yes, you can book us to move you 24/7, 365 days of the year, subject to availability. We can be secured to drive you after hours, weekends and public holidays. In most cases, we are permitted as essential workers to move even during lockdowns.

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